WD Team Clothing

We are pleased to offer several team clothing options this year at -WD Online Store. Keep in mind, these are only mock ups and the finished product will be slightly different.  Visitors can also go to the Roys Homepage, click on ‘online store’ and will find our logo to click.


Mandatory Team Wear

Deck Suits

All competitive swimmers are required to have our deck jacket and we strongly suggest the deck pant for a full team suit.

You’ll find these on the website as the ‘StormTech Jacket and Pant’. These items identify our swimmers both on the pool deck and arriving to and from meets


Dryland T’s

We offer two styles, the bright yellow performance shirts, in youth, women’s and men’s sizes. They are on the website with the “Property Of” logo.

Also, there are 4 colours of Under Armour performance t’s in youth, women’s or men’s sizes.

Swimmers should wear Whitby Dolphin t-shirts for all dryland sessions.


Whitby Dolphin Swim Caps

Every Whitby Dolphin receives a team swim cap with their registration t-shirt. If you need additional caps through the year, they can be purchased and obtained from your coach and/or by emailing equipment@whitbydolphins.com