The “Official” Zone

It is time to sign-up!  Our hosted swim meets are just around the corner and coming up fast!

Whitby Splash (April 1-2, 2017) 

Next up is our Whitby Spring Splash, to be held at AOP.  We are planning on and preparing for 2 sessions on Saturday April 1st and 2 sessions on Sunday April 2nd.  Please sign up for your available sessions regardless of whether or not your swimmer is attending the session.  All positions have to be covered!  Sign up for Whitby Spring Splash
View the Spring Splash Officials Grid here: Spring Splash Officials Grid 

Ontario Team Challenge (April 28- 30, 2017)

We also need lots and lots of officials for the Ontario Team Challenge swim meet that we are hosting in Markham, with a session Friday April 28th evening, 3 sessions each on Saturday and Sunday April 29 & 30.  We are counting on this being a double-ended meet (which means we will be running 2 full 10-lane tanks that need to be staffed).  This meet offers 7 sessions towards your commitment requirement of 9.  It is recommended that you work a few at the Spring Splash especially if you did not work at Central Team Champs in December! Sign up for Ontario Team Challenge.
Look at the Ontario Team Challenge grid here so you can see where we still need help!

Upcoming Clinic Details:

Want to attend a clinic at another location?  Upcoming clinics in Ontario Note: you can use the little drop down box to filter for Central Region clinics.  To learn more about Officiating and how you can climb the ladder visit Swim Ontario provides detailed Clinic titles and descriptions you can check them out here: Officiating Positions and job description . You must attend a clinic in person but you can review the material for provided for each clinic here: All Clinics Handouts . 


If you have any questions on what is required to officiate or how you can volunteer and step up the ladder – you can ask Liz (Club Officials Chair/Administrator). Liz Nickerson is a level 3 official and is the gatekeeper for all of our officials’ progress. Members will be hearing from her regularly on availability of clinics and others positions at swim meets to help you achieve your next level as an official.  Contact with any questions.

Home Meets- Derek Mitchell
Exciting information on our 2016-17 home meets is available when you sign into Team Unify ! Look under the “Hosted Meets” tab or click here: hosted-swim-meets-2016-2017.  Questions? Contact Derek at